Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Double Origami

My first sample of Double Origami which yields two folded shapes from one flap (which happens to be a double cloth).

Pulled warp (not pulled pork)

This is a sample of a pulled warp sample that I never completed.  I think it is right up my alley now and I have enjoyed seeing it's potential to add dimension to weaving.

Studies in gathering

I am playing around with new ideas to weave on the loom.  I am looking at sewing techniques that will translate into weaving.  I am especially interested in pleating, gathering, smocking, shirring and ruffles.  These samples are just common muslin that I am using my sewing machine on with hand stitching but I will try to mimic the structural outcomes with weaving (as I move forward).

Monday, March 24, 2014

Process photos of Silver Lining

These are several process shots of tying a new warp on through the weaving process.  Also, the last two photos are of what the cloth looks like when it comes off the loom.  The flaps will then get folded up into the origami shapes that seem to hover over the surface.

Process photos of Pearl

Weaving the flaps for Pearl.

Process photos of Beautiful Struggle

These photos are process shots of Beautiful Struggle.  First, on the loom using aluminum rods to help maintain the proper tension of the flaps.  The groundcloth is a single layer so I use this scaffolding to keep the flaps in place so I can continue to weave the ground cloth.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Silver Lining

Silver Lining, Woven & folded, Linen and Silk yarn, 23.5" X 36" X 3/4", Photo credit: James Dewrance, Copyright 2014 Susie Taylor


Pearl, Woven & folded, Linen and Silk yarn, 23.5" X 36" X 3/4", Photo credit: James Dewrance, Copyright 2014 Susie Taylor

Monday, March 3, 2014


I now have a website, which is a work in progress at


I just got two pieces into my first show in (clearing my throat and mumbling) 12 years!  It feels great and I got good marks from the jurors.  The show is Complexity put on by the Complex Weavers and opens in Lincoln, NE then travels to Tacoma, WA and then closes in Providence, RI (during Convergence 2014). 

Beautiful Struggle

Beautiful Struggle is my most recent work.  Woven from linen and silk 24" X 36" x  3/4".  Photo credit James Dewrance, Copyright 2014 Susie Taylor