Friday, November 15, 2013

Artist Statement Nov. 2013

I explore the boundaries of what can be woven on a hand loom.  Recently, I began to incorporate weaving and origami together to create a new woven form.  This new form celebrates the structural kinship that weaving and origami share.   My work is created on the loom where supplementary flaps are woven as I create the groundcloth.  I use multiple shafts and a double back beam to help me maintain the tension properly.  Once the fabric is taken off the loom, the flaps become the folded origami shapes that hover over the surface of the cloth.  There is no cutting or sewing involved in creating the structure.   I prefer to weave linen yarn which produces a nice, crisp fabric that maintains the folds nicely.  Keeping the color palette simple allows the initial focus to be on the structure.  I am drawn to complexity but strive for simplicity.

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