Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again!

My beloved 8 harness Harrisville Design Loom had been stored (in pieces) in the attic for 6 years.  This spring I found a 16 harness Macomber (with a double back beam) on Craigslist for a song.  Suddenly, I found myself with 2 looms (plus a table loom) and no place to set them up or weave.  My modest suburban 3 bedroom house was just not big enough for all of its inhabitants (human & feline) plus a weaving studio.   I had been waiting patiently for a small, basement apartment to become vacant in the apartment building next door to our house.  Finally, we got word that the apartment was free and jumped on the chance to sign the lease.  I now have a place for my looms and a guest room.  Once I hung my warping board on the wall, it felt good to be back in the saddle.  My intention is to weave my way through the CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE handbook and have my samples evaluated in 2012. 
My space has poor lighting, cream colored wall to wall carpet and a funky odor that I cannot idenify.... but it's mine and it is quiet.